Elite Locksmith

Established 1998


Be aware of whom you call for a service!!! The NYC lock/locksmith market is flooded with Unlicensed locksmiths and shadow companies pretending to be a legitimate and licensed ones! Why would you entrust your emergency lockout to the hands of nonprofessionals, or scam artists who will try and make the most money out of your situation? stay aware of the signs and be vigilant... you can help and prevent fraudulent locksmith services from taking advantage of your emergency situation. make sure you check that your locksmith is licensed and make sure that you are being serviced by trained professionals who make your service their job.


  • ​Find out  if the Locksmith you are hiring is Licensed & Insured. 
  • Ask  for an  I.D when a person claiming to be from a locksmith company!
  • Ask for an Estimate before the start of the work. Find out what it involves and if there is an additional cost associated with the work.
  • Its best if you know of a locksmith or have a friend who can recommended of one- keep their number locked in your cell phone!!! 
  • Make sure that invoice they give you has a legal company name, Phone number, address & email. 
  • Read the Online Reviews! its an helpful tool learning something about the company! 
  • Alway ask for an idea of cost over the phone! a legitimate company will give an estimated cost for the service or a range of prices. If some one tells you that a new lock installation starts from $15 and up ... move on!
  • Are they a member of a trade organization? The ALOA - Associated locksmiths of america is a good example.